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Hey folks! I'm Adagio, here to talk to you about Dreamtalia!

Though you may have known me as another name back in 2012 when the project was created, Dreamtalia is a huge project me and my friend :kyokyo866: have been into since a long while now.
What is it though? It's a RPG game based on the universe of the manga/anime Axis Powers Hetalia, one of the biggest western-made ones at that!

However big the project may be though, it requires some funding to get the art properly done and.... As the main artist behind the idea of the donations' pool via commissions I decided to take up the first batches!
Thus the link below to my commissions information! All the funds received this way will go directly towards Kyo so she can keep putting out the content fans have been wanting for a long while now.

To contact me, you may send me a note on DeviantArt, or an e-mail at or our joint email with Kyo at

You can also use the contact information on the “About Me - Contact” page.

*When making a commission request, please provide as many details and references as possible if you can!
Even something like "I Want a piece in the style of THIS thing you drew (link)" is an acceptable way of describing your request's style.
*You can also be specific about the deliver: post wips or present you the finished piece only.

Dreamtalia Commissions

As I'm fairly aware that not everyone has the means to afford commissions, we'd love it if the readers/followers of the project could spread the word unto social media to help us find commissioners, via any means available! Fanart, chat, blogging, anything's a go!

As usual, any and all questions can be addressed to Kyo & myself via !

Thank you for your attention!

- Adagio Fantasque

My (main) tumblr:
My (art) tumblr:

Hello folks! Piano and Kyo here.

I know, it's been absolutely forever since Piano put out any new content, but they've come out of the shadows to talk a bit about the state of Dreamtalia!

As you may know, Dreamtalia is a 4 years-old Hetagame project created and made by :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream: from 2012 to this day. The project has been going on for a long while now, and while it is no Hetaoni in terms of fanbase, it certainly is one of the best western-made HetaRPGs out there today!

However, to keep updates coming to this project, we creators need funding to pay our artists! Piano has agreed to free up some of their schooltime for commissions, whose payments will go directly and fully towards Dreamtalia's funding!

And as we are well aware that putting money towards a project is no easy task, we would like to encourage ALL of those who are willing to help to not only show the creators support, but also SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD about those donations and commissions, and let the whole Hetalia fandom know that Dreamtalia exists!!

You can read more information in general about the game as well as discover the on-going series via the game's official dA group: :icondreamtalia-official:

A specific journal entry has also been made on the group to detail the donation process a bit more clearly:  Art for Dreamtalia! (+More Info)Wowie kaboodles it's been so long since we've come over to check in! How y'all doin? Though you might be wondering from the title of this "are you guys seriously asking for an artist again?" Well no actually, that isn't the case at all.
We have people in mind and things are being figured out, however money is indeed an issue. Kyo's been paying out of her own pocket the entire time which is nice but that's not helping as much any longer. So Piano came up with the idea to perhaps have a Commission pool for Dreamtalia, of doing commissions or paying for commisions of certain artists and the funds for those go to the Dreamtalia art fund. Because really, the art is the literal only thing holding Dreamtalia back now. The coding, mapping, and practically everything for the game is entirely done, it's entirely playable, however just, again, the art process is putting us to a complete hault.
We have artists in mind, dont get us wrong. But if you want to put your art to good use we have e

Thank you all for reading this! This project has been the biggest we've ever worked on sof ar and we'd LOVE it to come to completion.

Dreamtalia Youtube Channel
Kyo's Youtube Channel (has extra Dreamtalia episodes on it!)
Since the HetaOni/Hetalia western fandom has made a habit out of stunningly, speechlessly disappointing everyone who ever gave it a chance, I am just going to leave you this link to one of my friends' journal relating some events that happened recently:

<da:thumb id="497002610"/>

Short version: bravo fandom.

Just giving the news because there are no words strong enough for me to write a full length reaction about this. Bye.

- Adagio
Good day to you, this is Piano, and I am not here for joyful news. It's starting to become an irritating habit.

It has been recently brought to Kyo and I's attention, to our utmost displeasure, that a certain person on deviantArt creatd a Hetalia fangame of their own and shamelessly used original tracks from Dreamtalia (notably the Toy Factory's theme) in it.

The person had even the spine to write in their own terms and conditions to "not redistribute/reupload anything from [their] game's files".

As you can probably guess already, we are in a fury, me very especially. Kyo discovered the fraud while LPing the game herself and I was informed shortly after, looked up the responsible and notified them of the infringement.

If you, the person I sent a note to, are reading this journal right now, know that your blatant disregard of the staff's rules against reprint and reuse of its original materials will lead to severe sanctions.

We are furious. Enraged. Dear god if I wasn't such a cooler headed type than I was 2 years ago I'd smack something right now.

For the billionth time, the terms and conditions issued by the Dreamtalia FORBADE strictly any kind of reprint and re-use of the materials provided with the game's demo (moreover its ORIGINAL MUSICS which apparently didn't stop the infriger).

We had issued multiple warnings about what would happen if any offense as made to these rules, and lo and behold, we were right.

In accordance to the sanctions we had prepared in case such an event would happen, I pleaded Kyo to postpone the release of the next chapter installment of Dreamtalia by a month, which we are both very unhappy about as our year-long hiatus jsut came to an end.

I also pleaded with Kyo to purely and simply take down the download for the demo of Dreamtalia, since apparently SOME PEOPLE in this fandom can not BEAR themselves NOT to steal anything they lay their eyes and ears on.

We agreed for now to the following conclusion: should the creator of the infringing game remove/replace the music and issue an apology, we won't delete the demo off the net and will consider not postponing the Dreamtalia chapter installment in November.

However should the person quoted above choose not to right their wrongdoings, those sanctions will apply.
And I, having not quoted their name yet for the sake of protection, wouldn't mind to reveal it to the public if it wasn't a bit of a crual thing to do.

Have a lovely evening, I am off to punch holes into bags.

- Wrathful Adagio
Definitely not the first time I post this but apparently people can't read.


No I'm not coming back.
No I'm not the creator, I can't make an ending for it.
No it's not "coming back soon". Its creator Tomoyoshi has moved on and has never given any updates about it since March 2010.
No I won't pick it up and finish it because you want an end.
In fact, no, I wouldn't come back even if you PAID me for it.
I don't care anymore about this fandom, I don't care about anything related to it anymore.

Have at least the decency to stop messaging me about it.

I moved out to a new account. Tired of harassment about Heta-fucking-Oni. This one will stay active only for Dreamtalia/Hetalia stuff.

It's been more than TWO years and I'm still getting fan messages about HetaOni.

So for the last fucking time, STOP. This is my last warning.

Any new comments/messages/notes I receive about HetaOni will be deleted and their authors blocked. You have been warned.

Those who wish to follow me for art/UTAU things can contact me via a note or via tumblr.
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Hi guys, Adagio/Piano here, to just give an update.

As some of you may know, during the last schoolyear's span, I was mostly unschooled.
Not that I was slacking off, I was actually studying on my own to undertake various entrance examinations to post-graduation schools (4 in total) in my country (some of these requiring national-level entrance exams with god knows how many applicants).
Hence the brutal amount of art posted on this account after the schoolyear's start...

Anyway, good news: I've been admitted into my goal school, the SUPINFOGAME (FR) in their Management & Game Art major!
Ranking 10th out of 24 admissions for the trivia.

I did the paperwork and am now officially a video game visual arts student. *Final Fantasy victory fanfare plays*

Starting in late September, my major will be mostly made of 2D (illustration, concept art, design, animation), 3D (modeling & animating) and concept/design. I have no words to express how happy and eager I am to get started, I think it's finally a 'valid start' for me as an actual 'artist', and I'll do my best to progress as far as possible.

For reminders, I still moved out of this account, it's now a "secondary" account compared to the new one I've got. So anything school-related or regarding my latest art things in general, unless it's about Hetalia/Dreamtalia, won't be posted here. I'll probably post some to the new account from September on.

I just thought I should let people know, because it was a pretty long-term thing and I'm glad it's come to a conclusion. Or rather, to a new start!

If you want the link to the new account, please leave a comment or a note to me, I cant keep track of ALL my followers!!
Also bear in mind that if you're obviously associated with MMD, HetaOni, askblogs, in sum, stuff that I don't wish to dwell in anymore, there's a fair chance I'll refrain from sending you a link.

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Happy 2nd anniversary to Dreamtalia! (May 5th)
At which occasions Kyo and Skitzen worked their hardest to release a playable demo of chapters 1-8 which can be found down below v :…

Don't forget to stick to the rules guys, yes? No screenshotting/reposting the drawn CGs screenshots!

Enjoy the game!
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Short news but:
_ the uploading site where Neo and I had stacked our reuploaded english version is dead. Meaning the file's down.

_ Both of us have been  out of HetaOni since 2 damn years, hence we pretty much deleted everythig we had about it including this file.

TL;DR: My version has been taken down for good and NO I can't fix it so please quit asking about it. Other people in the fandom with similar english playable projects can be found all over dA and tumblr.

EDIT: Thank to Neo-Kyno and dA user janaciao, We were able to retrieve the file and put it back up, here's the new DL link:…

Second thing: Rumors have been going around that /I/ would've made an ENDING to HetaOni and would release it if the fandom behaved. That is NOT TRUE.

Please read more explanations (and true informations) on my friend Skitzen's journal:  HetaOni Complete Full Game Info!!!-
Alright everyone. I've heard a lot of rumors going around that there IS an ending to the real HetaOni.  And/or Pianodream has it. I am here to tell everyone what is really going on, and clear up everything that's getting the poor fans excited for nothing..
1- There is NO real ending to Hetaoni.
2- :iconPianodream: is /NOT/ the original creator everyone! She merely made a playable English version for the fans to enjoy and play themselves. And did a very great job at making it.
3- Piano will not, and does not have a 'full game' made. She has made the game to the exact point where the original has ended. Nothing more. Please stop pestering her about this. There is nothing she is keeping from everyone. Let her be.
4-And for the few people who think :iconskitzen: (me) was the creator of the original.. No, sadly I am not. I have only made :iconHetaOni-LC: Which is pretty much a fangame of the original. It will, have endings. But it is not to be assumed a

I have stated multiple times that the ORIGINAL CREATOR of HetaOni was a JAPANESE PERSON named TOMOYOSHI.


HetaOni has not been updated since March 2010 by its original creator and I believe it's time for its fandom to accept that it's /NOT/ coming back. Because Tomoyoshi has moved on since a LONG time and you should maybe consider doing the same.

I've been out of this fandom since 2012, I don't wish to come back, and my activities have been solely about art/UTAU/else ever since. Do not expect me to take any more part in this gigantic drama.

Please note that anything I receive concerning HetaOni (comments, notes, pleas for help, bugs help etc) is now flagged and discarded without any regrets from me. Enough of this shit.

------------------- In other news:

This account is becoming clogged up with old art and harassment about HetaOni, hence I'll be moving out to a new deviantArt account anytime now.

I won't display links to my newer account on a public board because I wish to use it for things that are not HetaOni/Hetalia related.
I'll mail the new account's links to my friends and whoever follows my current activity as an artist will probably be able to find it on my tumblr information.

I WILL STILL USE THIS ACCOUNT to post journals, also probably material and information about Dreamtalia matters, however I won't be updating it anymore.

Please note that most my art things are now posted unto my tumblr (which is solely UTAU/art-related, with bits and pieces of Dreamtalia): in the tag "piano draws"

If you want the link to the new account, please leave a comment or a note to me, I cant keep track of ALL my followers!!
Also bear in mind that if you're obviously associated with MMD, Hetaoni, askblogs, in sum, stuff that I don't wish to dwell in anymore, there's a fair chance I'll refrain from sending you a link, for the reasons stated above.

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Hi guys, Piano here, as you may or may not know yet, I've recently been accepted in the LISAA (Applied College of Arts, a national-level postgraduate academy in Paris") and I have a furious need to practice new stuff, hence I opened a commission board! (that, and I need fuckton of new traditional art supplies I've eaten them all in a month haha)
(Not a lot of slots/too pricey because this is the first time I do this, please be gentle with me")

edit: added in the "linework" option for the coloring commissions (aka commissioning me to line one of your sketches)


To contact me, you may send me a note on DeviantArt (, or an ask (non anon please!) on tumblr!
When making a commission request, please provide as many details and references as possible so I can be more accurate! ^^
You can also be specific about the deliver: post wips or present you the finished piece only.
Please notify me of any deadlines if there's a need for one!

I can draw humanoids (male/female/other...), chibi or normal, OCs or existing characters (no specific limit about which fandom), greyscale, watercolor-like loose colors or cell shaded... in about any type of situation/ambience EXCEPT full-blown gore/porn.
I accept bloody scenes, romance (including yaoi, yuri, threesome etc), and nudity (within the limits of good taste). I can also design you a prop or outfit based on something of your choice.

While anthropomorphic characters are fine (ie with horns, wings, half-animal bodies like fawns etc), full-blown furries and animals may be a bit difficult.
Environments are not my greatest strength either.

I am European however I scaled my prizes in USD.

As for the payment rules: I use Paypal. You can pay me half the price for the commission to be secured (when I start on it), then the rest of the payment will be made when the commission is completed (i'll send in a snippet to notify you). If for any reason you do not want to see the commission uploaded to the internet, please notify me!
I broke down the prices in two general columns, by size and by level of "polishing" (see below). The first part of the price is determined by the cropping, and the second part by the level of polishing. I usually work on pretty large canvases (1500*1000 and larger) but feel free to specify a resolution/pic size.

Bustshot/Headshot: 2$
Waist-up: 5$
Fullbody: 7$

Sketch: 3$
Linework: 5$
Shaded greyscale: 6$
Loose colors/flat colors: 7$
Cell-shaded: 9$
Soft-shaded: 12$
Outlined Digital Painting: 16$


About Additional Characters:

+2$ if it's a sketch
+3$ if it's a linework
+5$ if it's loosecolors/flatcolors
+7$ if it's cellshaded
+9$ if it's softshaded
+12$ if it's an outlined digital painting

About Backgrounds:

By default, my images have a transparent BG. I don't charge for flat colors or simple patterns, however any type of detailed environment will be an additional cost of 6$
About GIFS: I can make simple gif animations like eye-blinking/facial expressions, or color shifting/detail shifting (see below), they're an additional cost of 5.50$

I also take COLORING/LINEWORK commissions (aka the commissioner provides a drawing they want to see colored, or a sketch they want to see inked)

Linework: 3$
Loose colors/flatcolors: 4$
Cellshaded: 6$
Soft-shaded: 7.50$
Digital outlined painting: 10.50$

The additional characters, backgrounds and GIFs prize scales apply as well to coloring commissions.













Thank you for your attention!
- Piano/ Adagio Fantasque

My dA gallery:
The Art tag on my tumblr:…

A few exemples:

A Watercolor

A Bustshot Linework

An Outlined Digital Painting

Outlined Digital Painting number 2

A shaded greyscale

A fullbody romance sketch (caution, R-15)

A greyscale gif and a colored gif

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Damn, I should post some more to dA. (and also, please tell everyone to stop sending me messages about HetaOni, that just doesn't seem to sink in no matter how many time I repeat it: I AM DONE with it, hence I DONT READ messages about it anymore. at all.)

Anyway, Happy New Year to all my friends, and watchers, and everyone who even just passed by my gallery at least once!
May 2014 bring you every joy you deserve, earn you every achievement you're striving for, and be the most prosperous for you and all your loved ones! (*7*)/

As for my "list of goals" for 2014, uh... they're not that numerous hehee!

I think those who've been following me for a while, and those who've gotten closer to me during 2013 may have heard it already, but I'll say it publicly just this time:
I have left a lot of my fandoms/previous fields of work since late-2012 in general for a good reason: to develop my drawing skills and general artist skills.
This upcoming year, I am going to undertake entrance exams/interviews to enter superior game-related schools. I will maybe pursue a career where art is a predominant tool. My dream career would be to become a 2D/3D artist/animator in the game branch.
So my most important goals are:
_successfully enter one of the superior schools I'm aiming for.
_when I'm there, work my best to become a better, more skilled artist, and finally master the use of 2D and 3D tools.

Less important goals would be UTAU-wise:
_complete Ciel's 2.0 EMOTIONS 4VCV
_complete Marie's 3VCV FINALE
_release K01 (NiKORU/NiKO)'s VCV
_make a CVVC(+VV possibly) french voicebank for Ciel
_not to forget resume and keep on helping with the Dreamtalia fangame!

and lastly, I'd very much like to lose some weight hahaah. " Sitting at a computer all day long is making me hungrier than I should be.

So, yeah, a long and busy year is coming, and I hope it'll all be good for you!!
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It's been a while since I posted DA journals, but here's some news:

I mentioned that in a previous journal, but I'll start now deleting ALL my HetaOni and MMD related deviations.

Except for the game releases and a few pieces that I find worth keeping, but otherwise, everything I don't judge worth keeping in the HetaOni and MMD folders is being taken down.

The reasons are petty simple and also obvious:

_ I left both the HetaOni fandom and MMD community and I don't plan on getting back into any of them, so don't expect me to post new pieces related to these two things. I need to free my account from these unecessary old pieces.

_ I've been working on that for over a year already, and I actually want my art/drawn pieces to get some more recognition, but the majority of faves I get are still on previous MMD/HetaOni works.

Those who follow/watch me only for Hetalia/HetaOni/MMD can unfollow/unwatch me, I won't hold any grudge.
I thought about moving accounts but I am too lazy for that. :iconsighingplz:
I've already left a couple groups I was enlisted in, and I am not so much active on DA as I used to be.

My activities from now on will probably continue to be solely art-based, be it fanart or original OC/UTAU art. I also post a lot of pieces/sketches on my tumblr rather than DA:

Please save whatever pictures it is you may have faved into my old folders, for the cleansing starts now.

Thank you for your attention,
Pianodream/Adagio Fantasque.
"Short, simple, to the point; people have not been listening to us. And that does not make us happy. Especially when we tell them directly to take down our screenshots when we specifically stated several times not to do this.

I don't know why they do it, do they think they'll get away with it? Seems so. But we're unable to get through to  them. So perhaps quantity will prevail over quality.

Please, please help us take them down. We don't have instagram and have no ways of getting it so we can't properly do anything. If nothing happens well... let's just say you won't hear from us for a good while.

This here's the link to said pictures (plus others, feel free to enjoy the other wonderful artwork people have shown). I'm calling out a hunt for this. Please, please help us keep the order. We were doing so well up until now.

Thank you, friends."

Posting the fuck out of this because my anger is swelling and I'm starting to crack my knuckles.



Noting that you can fill in a form for report here:…


*The rules*

-The first 14 people to comment "Marmelade" in this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! (note that I try focusing on drawn art, and thus those who are only seeking the attention should not comment)

-If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting me in the first spot.

-The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

-If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list!

1. TrixieLove19:icontrixielove19: <da:thumb id="328891527"/>   <da:thumb id="328527419"/>   <da:thumb id="391639372"/>

2. Skitzen :iconskitzen: <da:thumb id="361334152"/>  <da:thumb id="344103838"/>   <da:thumb id="284240679"/>

4. Hoperella-Cosplay :iconhoperella-cosplay:  Creepy Jokester by Hoperella-Cosplay     <da:thumb id="389504124"/>

6. Kyunu :iconkyunu:   Reiya Ceralye(In need of New Design) by Kyunu  Mary The Yellow Rose- Ib by Kyunu     Gift for Yamio by Kyunu

7. EmeraldAngel2 :iconemeraldangel2:     What happens when I try and recreate something. by EmeraldAngel2     Dreamtalia Contest entry. by EmeraldAngel2    PewDiePie and Cry Play Bloody Trapland by EmeraldAngel2

8. Sparkling-Cirrus :iconsparkling-cirrus:  <da:thumb id="368112109"/>    <da:thumb id="390459940"/>   <da:thumb id="363539487"/>

9. KarkatIsTheBunchie :iconkarkatisthebunchie:  <da:thumb id="389267075"/>   <da:thumb id="390913640"/>   <da:thumb id="391194136"/>

10. Sbrochu-san :iconsbruchu-san:   <da:thumb id="382353542"/>   <da:thumb id="354382340"/>   <da:thumb id="389384169"/>

11: TheHellNeko :iconthehellneko:   Draw a Circle thats my eath.... by TheHellNeko    ~Russia~ by TheHellNeko   Fem! Prussia by TheHellNeko

12. FishOni :iconfishoni:  NyaHiryu [FREE DOWNLOAD] by FishOni     Alexia II by FishOni    Brooda, Brooda Wong by FishOni

13. Gwen1661 :icongwen1661:  <da:thumb id="373033931"/>   <da:thumb id="365671206"/>  <da:thumb id="386005062"/>

14. AnnaSylvie :iconannasylvie: <da:thumb id="390681396"/>  <da:thumb id="390934600"/>  <da:thumb id="391965050"/>
So I wnted to remake this one since a couple months, I did it back in 2011 I think.

1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

I'll be using my four UTAUloids (Ciel Sekaine, Marie Kagekine, NiKORU Kajetano & NiKO Kajetano) to answer these.

1) What gender are you?
Ciel: hem...
Marie: I'm a lady.
NiKORU: I'm a girl.
NiKO: Male.

2) What is your age?
Ciel: hum...
Marie: 22!
NiKORU: 12!
NiKO: I'm 17 years old.

3) Do you want a hug?
Ciel: N..No. '''
Marie: Yes, absolutely! <3
NiKORU: Eh, why not?
NiKO: No thank you.

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Ciel: I panick too easily.
Marie: I'm way too strict at work.
NiKORU: I snack off extremely sugary stuff between meals.
NiKO: I'm kind of a brainiac.

5) What is your favorite food?
Ciel: French food.
Marie: French gastronomy of course!
NiKORU: Takoyakis!
NiKO: I have a thing for traditional Philippine food.

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Ciel: I prefer crêpes. But I like fruit flavors.
Marie: Coconut!
NiKORU: Caramel-Strawberry!
NiKO: Dark Chocolate.

7) Are you a virgin?
Ciel: Yes.
Marie: Oh, what an embarassing question!
NiKORU: No!~ *glared at by NIKO* Just kidding, yes.
NIKO: Yes.

8) Have you ever killed anyone?
Ciel: ... *looks away*
Marie: Goodness gracious no!!
NiKORU: Nah.
NiKO: Negative.

9) Do you hate anyone?
Ciel: No. Master TATARI can be exhausting but we get along.
Marie: Good lord no! Why would I?
NiKORU: ... Our mother.
NiKO: Not that I can think of.

10) Do you have any secrets?
Ciel: More than I can count... But the biggest one would be that... I killed a man to save myself from a rape and possible murder attempt.
Marie: Yes but a lady never reveals her secrets~ *shushes*
NiKORU: Physically speaking, I'm actually a boy. But imo I am a gurl too. I freely switch between both genders and I don't give a fuck of how you label me.
NiKO: Our parents were abusive and our father was a convicted criminal. One day I fled from the family house taking NIKORU with me and we never returned.

11) What is your favorite season?
Ciel: Winter, it's relaxingly cold and calm.
Marie: Spring definitely!
NIKORU: I don't know.
NiKO: I like the colors of the environment in autumn.

12) Who is/are your best friend(s)?
Ciel: I, euh... *eye skitters in Marie's direction*
Marie: I wouldn't know, I love everyone plentifully and equally!!
NiKORU: Keiotsu!! (NDA: K02, second UTAUloid of the KOBALOiD series, unreleased yet) He's so cool!
NiKO: Why, Keiotsu is a pleasant fellow indeed. But I wouldn't call anyone my best friend.

13) What are your hobbies?
Ciel: Observing people and listening to their chatting.
Marie: I play a large variety of orchestra instruments such as violin, contrabass, horn and bassoon and so on!
NiKORU: I update my blog (I'm a fashion blogger idol) and go shopping.
NiKO: I study.

14) What is your favorite drink?
Ciel: I don't know... I refuse all alcohol drinks though.
Marie: Mmmhh, I can't pick one!
NiKORU: Fruit juice.
NiKO: Black tea or moka.

15) When is your birthday?
Ciel: Seriously, I have no idea.
Marie: May 2nd!
NiKORU: October 10th!
NiKO: Same.

16) What age did you die?
All: What kind of a question is that!?

17) Are you nice or mean?
Ciel: I would say I'm plain...
Marie: It'd be cocky to answer such a question, but I don't think I'm a mean person?
NiKORU: Of course I'm nice! I'm the nicest girl ever! *grin*
NiKO: Say what, you're a little pest. As for me I'm rather sharp, so sometimes my blunt reflections can be seen as mean.

18) Are you social or shy?
Ciel: Shy. Definitely shy. Crowds terrifies me.
Marie: Most definitely social!
NiKORU: Depends on who I am with.
NiKO: I'm rather timid, yes.

19) What do you think of your parents?
Ciel: Parents? You mean my creators? They were immoral, crual and unethically perverted.
Marie: ... *smiles* They loved me, I believe.
NiKORU: ... *frowns*
NiKO: Answering on our behalf, we don't talk about our parents.

20) What's your weakness?
Ciel: My health is terrible.
Marie: I'm too passionate.
NiKORU: I have a soft spot for loli clothing.
NiKO: I... I am not a very muscled or attractive guy...

21) How long can you stay under water?
Ciel: I actually never tried to...
Marie: Oh dear not very long I'm afraid.
NiKORU: I can't... swim. """
NiKO: 42 seconds.

22) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Ciel: Dress... practice my voice... read silently... walk here and there, listening to others...
Marie: Clean my intruments, organize my music sheets, go perform or practice at the concerthouse, attend or guesting at gala events.
NiKORU: Update my blog, go on a shopping spree, go perform at the stage or go do photoshoots.
NiKO: I perform as a singer. And on the side I do science researchs at the university.

23) Do you love someone?
Ciel: I... *eye skitters at Marie* No, not really.
Marie: *suddenly hugs the other three* Don't you mean, is there someone I don't love!?
NiKORU: N-No! Absolutely not! Love is for babies and old men.
NiKO: Negative.

24) When was the last time you wet yourself?
Ciel: Hem... Last time I took a bath?
Marie: When I fell into the pond in front of my house.
NiKORU: I-I never wet my bed, don't be silly!
NiKO: *whispers* Yeah sure, you did it till you were 7. *normally* I took my last bath this morning, and as for peeing my pants it didn't happen since I was 6.

25) What's your favorite band?
Ciel: I listen to classical... But I enjoy listening my fellow UTAUoids and Vocaloids.
Marie: Classical!
NiKORU: K-pop and Visual Kei bands.
NiKO: I have mixed tastes in music. But I enjoy techno/electronic!

26) Ever worn a dress?
Ciel: I'm still looking for the tailor who will accept to make me one... Is it that weird for a genderless to wear a dress?
Marie: Of course they're my favorite clothing!
NiKORU: Yeah, I own a couple dresses too.
NiKO: ... Yes.

27) Willingly?
Ciel: I already wear corsets, so yes. Definitely.
Marie: Of course, silly!
NiKORU: That question is dumb as fuck.
NiKO: ... No. NiKORU forced me to.

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?
Ciel: When other UTAUs and Vocaloids make jokes and talk to each other. When I listen to their daily conversations, it makes me feel alive.
Marie: Experimenting new tunes in music or trying to compose something!
NiKORU: Looking at funny videos on the net.
NiKO: When my fellow researchers make science jokes. But all the good ones argon. *grin*

29) At night?
Ciel: I usually sleep at night.
Marie: I like watching movies.
NiKORU: Fucking around with Ciel and NiKO 's things, teheheeee.
NiKO: I play online.

30) Ever kissed anyone?
Ciel: I was kissed a few times. Never tried on my own will.
Marie: *blushes and smiles* Yes.
NiKORU: Nah. Disgusting.
NiKO: No.

31) ...Of the same gender?
Ciel: Define "same gender".
Marie: No. It's an open question to me though.
NiKORU: These questions are the dumbest shit ever.
NiKO: Again, no.

32) It's clear you're gay.
Ciel: Does "gender" mater that much for humans?
Marie: Why yes I'm quite the joyful person now am I not?
NiKORU: I'm not gay I'm 2 FAB 4 U!! You little shit.
NiKO: I'm open-minded. Period.

33) What's your favorite thing to touch?
Ciel: Living people. They have warm and soft skins. And also my pocketwatch, it's my little "treasure".
Marie: Music sheets and concert dresses fabric.
NiKORU: I love electronic things.
NiKO: Books.

34) Anyone loves you?
Ciel: I have no idea. *looks at Marie*
Marie: I think that Taumaturgo fellow appreciates my company... *blushes violently* Oh goodness gracious it would be truly endearing if someone did.
NiKORU: My fans love me! NiKO loves me! Ciel loves even if he won't admit it! Everyone loves me!
NiKO: I don't think someone does at the moment.

35) What's your favorite color?
Ciel: I'm blind.
Marie: Red and its variants.
NiKORU: I don't know. Flashy colors.
NiKO: I like soft colors like in water colors.

36) When was the last time you cried?
Ciel:  When I tripped on a nail.
Marie: When I performed on stage.
NiKORU: When my favorite dress got ripped to pieces by some jealous girl creep.
NiKO: When acid smoke leaked out of my beaker. I almost choked.

37) Do you have a pet?
All: No.

39) Are you crazy?
Ciel: I, hem... How would you define insanity?
Marie: No?
NiKORU: Fuck yeah. *rolls eyes*
NiKO: I don't think I am.

40) What are you?
Ciel: I still wonder myself.
Marie: Lady's secret.
NiKORU: What are YOU, a man or a mouse!
NiKO: Just a human male?

41) What´s your nickname?
Ciel: I don't have one.
Marie: I am often nicked "OPERAloid".
NiKORU: Niki'.
NiKO: Nic'.

42) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
Ciel: I'm not as depressed as I look!
Marie: Happy!
NiKORU: I'm a cheerful guy.
NiKO: I'm not very good at cheer-ups I'm afraid.

43) If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Ciel: Daredevil! And guess why.
Marie: I don't know super heroes...
NiKORU: Robin.
NiKO: Can I be the Joker? *chuckle* No I guess I'd like to be IronMan.

44) Favorite movie?
Ciel: I don't watch movies. But I like films and anime soundtracks.
Marie: Phantom of The Opera!
NiKORU: I don't know.
NiKO: I like Spielbergs.

45) What is your current occupation?
All: Answering a bunch of weird questions.

46) Who do you know that bugs you?
Ciel: Master TATARI is such an annoyance sometimes. And for certain reasons, Denki Sai unsettles me. And of course, NiKORU here is sometimes annoying.
Marie: No one bugs me?
NiKORU: All those tsundere UTAUs they fucking annoy me. Be a bitch if you want but at least have the guts to live with it.
NiKO: My sister here is a huge pain in the butt.

47) What's your favorite song?
All: We love music way too much to just pick one!

48) Do you consider yourself a warrior?
Ciel: I am skilled in certain weaponry but I wouldn't call myself a warrior.
Marie: My everday work is a fight to achieve excellency, hohohooo~!
NiKORU: Fuck yeah, I live the idol life bitches come and fight me!
NiKO: My war is to spread culture not shed blood.

49) Have you 'done it' in the past month?
Ciel: What do you mean?
Marie: What an undelicate question!
NiKORU: Nah.
NiKO: I'm a virgin, remember?

50) Ever think about getting married?
Ciel: No, I don't think I'm a nice marriage option. *looks at Marie*
Marie: Not really, unless I find my soulmate?
NiKORU: Beurk no.
NiKO: Social contracts and convetions like marriage aren't interesting to me, so no.

51) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
Ciel: What's nice with being genderless, is that no one is actually of the "opposite sex". I have slept next to other people to warm me up, though...
Marie: No. Sounds fun though!
NiKORU: Yeah.
NiKO: No.

52) When was the first time you 'did it'?
Ciel: I.. I seriously don't understand your question.
Marie: How rude!
NiKORU: Those questions are bullcrap.
NiKO: I approve of my sister.

53) Do you have any piercings anywhere?
Ciel: No. I don't really want to have one.
Marie: My earrings?
NiKORU: I have earrings.
NiKO: I have one at one ear and one at the tongue. I don't show them off though.

54) How about tattoos?
Ciel: Well, I have the numbers zero and infinity carved on my chest, does that count?
Marie: No tattoos for me.
NiKORU: A music note under the eye and "K-01" on my left hand.
NiKO: K-01 on my left ribs, and a music note on my inner thigh.

55) Who was the last UTAU you sang with?
Ciel: Master Caeles.
Marie: Oonawa Mukade and Operano Yoona!
NiKORU: My bro.
NiKO: My little sister.

56) Is there an UTAU/Vocaloid you would like to sing with?
Ciel: Master VY2 for the Vocaloids and Master Ritsu for the UTAUs.
Marie: Prima!
NiKORU: Whoever wants to sing with me.
NiKO: Kaito! I admire him.

57) Is there a song you really want to sing? With whom?
All: So many possible answers...

54) Final question. Who do you tag?
Pianodream: *appears and covers everyone's mouth with her hand* I tag KyoKyo866 , IndiMage and thibaud76200 !!!
APH Model release of the week is:
Germany model set (contains regular, 2p! and Gakuen Hetalia versions of Germany) by turu/tsuru-P

Here is the release post on her twitter (embedded code from twitter):

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

And the release video on NicoNicoDouga:…

And the english read me is pretty clear and understandable about all of its rules, so READ IT.

Yes. The link is down. No, I can't fix it. Neo-Kyno was the one in charge of this peculiar uploaded file and as you know we both retired from HetaOni many years ago, hence we don't have the file anymore.

From NeoKyno

On his journal: HetaOni English Version - ver 17 - UpdateHere is a little update for the English version, which normaly corrects the bug during chp. 17.
If you already an update (game.rgssa2):!W9JSgagK!YRjQXzjQJVhr4fVCUQdYb0_8hrBENdGMaubNnCXdVd4
If you didn't made an update (zip file):!PtYH0DgI!UqP1c1SyN8ndqP86KKLaaz6z9i59Zc_1lVM6dX2rGZc
How to install:
1. Unzip the file
2. Find the installation directory
If you already made an update:
Replace the old "Game.rgss2a" by the new one, and rename "Spouic.mp3" into "210 Awakening the Chaos.mp3" (Audio\BGM).
If it is your first update:
Replace the old "Game.rgss2a" by the new one, and add "210 Awakening the Chaos.mp3" into Audio\BGM.
4. Play
This update corrects the bug, and add items in the mansion. Find all of them, and end the game. There will be a surprise. :)
*You have not donwloaded any patch for the v17: You can download the *.zip above, I already did the update in. ;)
EDIT 3 The new update contains contains:
*New item to

Here is a little update for the English version, which normaly corrects the bug during chp. 17.

If you already an update (game.rgssa2):!W9JSgagK!YRjQXzjQ…
If you didn't made an update (zip file):!PtYH0DgI!UqP1c1Sy…

How to install:
1. Unzip the file
2. Find the installation directory
If you already made an update:
Replace the old "Game.rgss2a" by the new one, and rename "Spouic.mp3" into "210 Awakening the Chaos.mp3" (Audio\BGM).
If it is your first update:
Replace the old "Game.rgss2a" by the new one, and add "210 Awakening the Chaos.mp3" into Audio\BGM.
4. Play

This update corrects the bug, and add items in the mansion. Find all of them, and end the game. There will be a surprise. 

*You have not donwloaded any patch for the v17: You can download the *.zip above, I already did the update in. 

(Song Credits: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST, composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari.)
EDIT: "Bugs" in the surprise, I corrected it.
*You already downloaded a patch for the v17: Download this and replace the older by this one:!2xwjHQSS!b7qgNw0Q…

*You have not donwloaded any patch for the v17: You can download the *.zip above, I already did the update in. ;)

EDIT 2: Since I'm stupid, I made a "mistake" in the new update. >___<
However, it is something you can correct:
Rename the song "Spouic.mp3" into "210 Awakening The Chaos.mp3" (BGM folder).

(Song Credits: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST, composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari.)

EDIT 3 The new update contains contains:
*New item to buy: Antidote!
*Possibility to disable the random chases! (Press A ingame to open a debug menu)
*Something has changed in the Bonus Room!
*!!! has changed his place! (The ones who know will understand)
*IMPORTANT: The "Spouic.mp3" has to be changed into "210 Awakening the Chaos.mp3"

How To Run HetaOni on MAC by KalteEinsamkeit

Bootcamp ( allows you to run PC on your Mac. You just download a .pdf, follow the instructions and as long as you have the correct system (I think it's 10.5.8+), you can use Windows on Mac. From there you can download the game

If browsing on Windows, I recommend buying Norton internet security, as Windows doesn't have a decent firewall, unlike Mac.

Note: I do NOT answer notes, mails and comments about bugs in the game anymore. Notes that are sent about HetaOni won't be answered.

And then all hell broke loose

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 27, 2013, 5:23 PM
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  • Playing: Recoding/unbugging Dreamtalia. Urgh
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  • Drinking: In front of a computer? Are you fuckin kidding me?
It's a story of a girl living in France.

She's an average girl.
She isn't fat but she's not skinny.
She's not ugly but not beautiful either.
Her family isn't unhappy. Her parents are happy. Her sister is happy. Her friends are happy.
She's got so many minor health issues she can't even count them on her fingers.
She doesn't success in school much, doesn't really know what to do with her life, doesn't draw like an artist, she doesn't model like a 3dartist, she isn't even a singer worth paying for.
She speaks a few languages, not perfectly.
She isn't excellent anywhere.
She isn't crappy anywhere either though.
She doesn't deserve the fame and doesn't especially do so bad.
She doesn't make especially excellent works, no matter how hard she tries.
She likes befriending people from all around the world, yet she knows very well she talks too much.
She doesn't like modern fashion and her tastes are random in a lot of things.
She crumbles of terror mixed with bliss when talking to persons she looks up to.
She prefers gaming all weekend rather than going out with her friends.
She's just an average girl.

Yet as plain as her life sounds it slowly sinks into darker events.
Persons around her die.
Her grades are poor.
She realizes she's not happy.
She hates her major with a passion and suddenly wants to change.
Change to become happy.

She looks at new paths, new schools.
She changes her glasses, cuts her hair and loses 2 kilos.
She yearns for something new. She's found something to truly achieve.
She decides to get off her lazy plain life and work.
And then she works.
Her health goes down slowly, her grades get worse and worse, but she doesn't care.
She's somehow happy. She's working to achieve something she wants.
She faints only to get up again and say "I'm okay."
She tells others not to worry.
Everything is shady and unsteady under her feet but she doesn't look.
For once she tries her best.

But the best is never enough.
She fails.
She's rejected.
And her body breaks in the end.
She blames others.
Yet she wishes they'd seen earlier how miserable she's become.
And she blames herself.
And her mind breaks too.
She can't take up anymore and she hates herself.
She hates that average girl.
Who isn't excellent in anything and isn't even able to achieve a single change.
She hates the girl who broke under her own flaws.
She hates that girl that now lies in apathy on a hospital bed, tired and yet smiling and lying "I'm okay."
She hates that smile.
So she breaks it.

She breaks it all.
She lets go.
And she's in chaos. And she's in peace.
She's at the bottom and can't go lower.
So she looks up and then she sees.
The faces of people crying for her.
Crying because they were worried.
The faces of people worried about her.
She sees the hands reaching out to her but she can't grab any of them.
Because she's just a miserable average girl.
A girl who can't achieve even what's she's been hard-working for.
She sits at the bottom of her well and cries along, wishing she was gone.
Then she goes silent because she hears the people crying above.
So she dries her tears, stands up from the bottom.
Her body's getting lighter and she can drag herself higher.
She climbs out towards the people above.
She sees the new paths she could'nt see from above.
And she smiles faintly. She's happy.
She's so happy.
Happy for the care she's receiving.
Happy for the hands reaching out to her help.
But she fakes that smile.
She's so sorry.
Sorry for the tears she sees on others' faces.
Sorry for the girl she left to die in the well.

Her plea of "I'm so sorry. I'll try again."
Dying with and changing into
"I'm alive. I love you too." 
The girl sits from her hospital bed behind her old machine friend
She can't look back, but now's her new chance
And she starts typing
"It's a story of a girl living in France..."

I am coming back home tomorrow. Still alive, health slowly getting better and going to finish that damn school year before quitting all that crap and starting something better.
I did not commit suicide, I'd never ever do that to my family.
I am sorry I can't thank every single one of you enough for all the comments.
I received so much over the past 48hours every single thing is a gift and I treasure them.
I don't believe in God, but bless you all.
Bless you Kyo for showing me so much love. So much love I'm choking.
The girl in the hospital bed is sobbing from all the love.
That dying girl in the well still doesn't think she deserves all of it but...

MMD Release!: Italy 2.0 by Nachi Akira

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 16, 2013, 9:03 AM
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  • Drinking: In front of a computer? Are you fuckin kidding me?

MMD APHetalia modelof the day is: Italy 2.0 released by Nachi Akira!

Link to the video release:…

(Note: Romano's model has also been updated to 2.01, so make sure you re-dl it and read the README of the models for the RULES!)

CSS by AnglaisRose

APH MMD Release!: Cardverse America by Namima

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 10:26 AM
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  • Reading: My inbox.
  • Watching: I love White Collar~
  • Playing: Recoding/unbugging Dreamtalia. Urgh
  • Eating: Nutella.
  • Drinking: In front of a computer? Are you fuckin kidding me?

APH Model release of the week is:
Cardverse!America v0.90 by namima-P (who made also Macau)

Here is the release post on her twitter (embedded code from twitter):

And the english read me is pretty clear and understandable about all of its rules, so READ IT.

CSS by AnglaisRose

You just lost the game.

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2013, 8:33 AM
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  • Playing: Though you could read my mind.
  • Eating: You didn&#039;t mind
  • Drinking: You just lost the game.

Lets us play a game. A new kind of game.

I"ll give you a clue:

What is constantly coming back
That is always seen but never stopped
That is like pest but less rumoured
That you looked away from and caused your loss?

CSS by AnglaisRose