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September 17, 2012


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My list of MMD Models

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 2:22 AM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: CARNIVAL
  • Reading: Code Breaker
  • Watching: Weird shit
  • Playing: HetaOni chapter 16 (problem, bro?)
  • Drinking: nothing

This list is purely to manage all my models. Mainly the Hetalia ones.
I need to keep track of what I DL.

None of them are redistribuable and most of them canbe downloaded if you look in Google.


_America v1.8 by zeze
_America v1.10 by nonono (military jacket and patchwork pants)
_Revolutionary War!America v1.0
_Uncle Sam!America v1.0
_Hoodie America v1.2
_Hoodie America v1.2 with hoodie down
_Young Cowboy!America v0.3
_Ancient!Austria (edit)
_Belarus by Q_Ku
_Belgium by nonono-P
_Red Riding Hood!Belgium
_China (Red Attire v0.50 by Roco)
_China v0.52 (Green Attire by Roco)
_Denmark (Rena Uriko)
_Denmark (Roco)
_Denamrk (karsxsasorixshika89)
_England (either original ginger version or blonde hair edit)
_Angel!England (private model edit)
_Police!England (private model edit)
_Hiphop!England (private model edit by me ^^")
_Daft Punk!England (+robowings version)
_Revolutionary!England (edit)
_Classical!England (edit by me)
_Pirate!England (edit by me)
_Estonia (by Roco)
_Finland (Roco's model)
_Classical!France (edit by me)
_Arsène Lupin!France (edit by me)
_Daft Punk!France
_Hong Kong (PD Kaito edit)
_Hong-Kong (regular model by Akkii)
_Hungary (Strawberry-Crisis)
_Hungary (Malichan-22)
_Hungary by mkmknohito (long dress, brown hair version)
_Hungary by mkmknohito (long dress, blonde hair version)
_Hungary by mkmknohito (green uniform, brown hair version)
_Hungary by mkmknohito (green uniform, blonde hair version)
_Hungary by mkmknohito
_Iceland (Roco's model)
_Italy Venezziano (Nachi Akira)
_Italy Venezziano (SonicWillrule)
_Holy!Italy from RomaHeta (edit)
_Holy Roman EMpire (child) by Q_ku
_Holy Roman Empire (adult edit)
_Japan (1.0) by kanaha
_Japan 2.0 by kanaha
_Black Uniform!Japan (1.0)
_Black Uniform!Japan (2.0)
_Japan by Shachi
_Black Uniform!Japan by Shachi
_Korea (PD Miku edit)
_Korea (by Cupcakechan1238)
_Kugel Mugel
_Liechtenstein (Arkenidae)
_Liechtenstein (LATmodel)
_Liechtenstein (Regular model, red dress)
_Liechtenstein (Regular model, green swiss attire)
_Netherlands (green or black attire) by roco

_Norway (Roco's model!!)
_Poland (by Kakipii)
_Ancient!Prussia (edit)
_Romano (South Italy)
_Romano by Sonicwillrule
_Another!Romano (alternate costume color)
_Holy!Romano from RomaHeta (edit)
_Grandpa Rome by Amenrenet
_Russia (update version with CD Costume, Blue Uniform, Red Attire) by roco
_Sealand (ROCO's model)
_Sealand (Maho)
_Sealand (Malichan22)
_Hunter!Spain by nononoP & Famibun
_Matador!Spain (by Famibun)
_Uniform!Spain (by inuneechan & Famibun)
_Spain by Famibun (regular model)
_Switzerland by Arkenidae
_Switzerland by Q_ku
_Switzerland by Yakisoba
_Taiwan by Maru Agita
_Turkey by kanaha
_Long Coat!Turkey (with hat, without mask, etc, choose your options)
_Suits & Shirt!Turkey (with jacket, without jacket, etc, choose your options)
_Shirtless!Turkey + panties
_Ukraine by IDK
_Ukraine by SHiaHiyama
_Ukraine official by Q_Ku
_Principality of Wy

Gakuen(School)Hetalia Models

_School!America (With-Jacket or Without-Jacket)
_School!China (updated version with Roco's latest model)
_School!England (either original ginger version or blonde hair edit)
_School!Hungary (brown hair version)
_School!Hungary (blonde hair version)
_School!Russia (official by roco)

Nyotalia Models

_Female!America (normal, Halloween & swimsuit)
_Female!Canada (normal & swimsuit)
_Female!England (normal & swimsuit By ringtail14)
_Female!England (regular model by usapon)
_2p!Female!England (regular model by usapon)
_Female!France (normal & swimsuit)
_Female!Japan (regular model by usapon)
_Female!Japan 2.0 (kimono, school & military uniform versions)
_2p!Female!Japan (regular model by Usapon)
_Female!Spain (normal & swimsuit)

Chibis & Young Models

_Young!America (Normal,Neko, Swimsuit & Winter versions)
_Chibi Revolutionary America by Mukimukinohito
_Chibi!England (Normal & Bunny version)
_Bunniggy by SNB
_Young!England (Normal, Neko, Swimsuit & Winter versions)
_Chibi Britannia Angel by Mukimukinohito
_Chibi!Holy Roman Empire
_Chibi!Japan by nonono (White Suit, Black Suit, Another!Black Suit, Blue Army Suit, School Suit & Gym Suit)
_Chibi!Japan by akatsukisjewel (Blue Kimono & Red Kimono)
_Chibi!Prussia (Teutonic Knight Costume)
_Chibi!Seychelles (Normal, and two alternate versions with flower in their hair)

Yandere or 2P Models

_Yandere!America (or 2p!America)
_Yandere!Canada (or 2P!Canada)
_Yandere!Italy (or 2P!Italy)
_Yandere!Japan (or 2P!Japan)
_Yandere!Prussia (or 2P!Prussia)
_Yandere!Russia (or 2P!Russia)

Other Models (Mochis, Accessories, Misc)

_Flying Mint Bunny
_Human!Flying Mint Bunny
_Rainbow Unicorn
_Friedrich II
_Kumajirou (small or human size)
_Hanatamago (small & large versions)
_Pochi (Japan's dog)
_Norway's Nordic Troll
_Gilbird (giant, regular & mini versions)
_Pierre by mukimuinohito
_Gilbird (mini, normal, giant) by IDK
_Gilbird by Mukimikunohito
_Spain's Bull
_Spain's Halberd/Axe
_England's Fairies (actually a bunch of Zelda fairies)
_England's Fairy (human-like model)

_Germochi by mkmk_no_hito (regular square model)
_Germochi by ??? (another square model)
_Germochi by scarletrose101 (round mochi version)
_Mochijapan (pink + flower version)
_Mochijapan by Pomeriggio (white + katana version)
_Spainmochi (2.0)
_Seborga Mochi
_Sealandmochi (big hat and small hat versions)

_Beijing (OC)
_Hong Kong
_Grandpa Rome
_Devil!Italy & Angel!Romano

_Garry by IDK (regular model)
_Garry by ILikeHorses
_Ib by IDK (regular model)
_Mary by IDK (regular model)
_HEadless Statue
_Creepy Dolls (green, orange, white & yellow versions)


_Calcium Miku (Bacterial Contamination Miku)
_Charuko Haku
_CHaruko IA
_Charuko Kaito
_Charuko Len & Rin
_Charuko Luka
_Charuko Meiko
_Charuko Miku
_Charuko Neru
_Charuko Prima
_Charuko Sweet Ann

_Gakupo Kamui (Mali-chan22)
_Gakupo Kamui (random awesome model I found on Bowlroll)
_Venomania Gakupo by YM
_Kaito Shion Zenbonsakura model (YM)
_Kaito Shion by Ruto
_Kaito Shion Tank Top by ruto
_Kaito Cantarella by YM
_Kaito Dining Suit
_Kaito Tuxedo
_Kaito Dracula Costume
_Len & Rin Kagamine LAT models
_Len & Rin Kagamine DREAMY THEATER
_Luka Megurine DREAMY THEATER (Swimsuit model)
_Luka Megurine (Toru model, random awesome model found on Bowlroll)
_MEITO (awesome Project DIva-like model)
_Miku Hatsune PROJECT DIVA
_VY2 Yuuma


_Aiko Kikyuune LAT
_Akio Kikyuune
_Ciel Sekaine
_Ciel Shiin
_Hachi Makune Fluffy Append
_Kai Kim LAT model
_Mathieu Rosaire Spores model
_Mathieu Rosaire


_Ao Oni
_Beetlejuice (Tim Burton)
_Calne Ca (Hatsune Miku costume, skeleton version and punk version)s
_Cry (casual & normal versions)
_Daft Punk (with helmets, both Guy-Manuel and Thomas)
_JihouKun by ISAO
_Kyokoon64 (selfmodel), old or red turtle neck versions
_Elpis aka Naziera (selfmodel normal, blank & demon versions)
_PewdiePie (two different models)
_Pianodream (selfmodel, TDA suit or OLD version)
_Yao (Kyo's Oni nemesis)

CSS by AnglaisRose
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elbrethali Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
I would like to ask for help, I was able to find out download password for miku no hitos hungary model, but after downloading it, there is another zip folder with another password, there is also english readme where should be the password for unzip the model (the password is in kanji), but this password doesnt work for me(tried to just coppy and paste it, tried to write it in romanji, tried to write english translation of this word, tried to change computer settings to japanesse and then copy/paste password, but nothing works. What am I doing wrong? :-(((
cantthinkofusername1 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
where do I find revolutionary war Iggy?
Pianodream Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You might want to edit it yourself because to my knowledge there's no such official model and redistributions of edited models are 99% prohibited by modelers.

(PS: I won't provide further assistance or download links because I've left the MMDC since more than 2 years now and do not wish to have anything to do with it anymore)
cantthinkofusername1 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's okay. I understand-I've wanted to quit a few of my projects myself, but always felt guilty for doing so. Speaking of which... I should probably work on my fanfics...
Pianodream Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I for myself do not associate with neither MMD nor HetaOni anymore. I've turned to other fandoms.
Good luck with your own works!
hrf8010 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
what please marry[ib] link?
Pianodream Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
How about no.
nuria-dosrios Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
where did you found england gakuen?
Pianodream Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Downloaded him legally from kanaha's bowlroll account (look it up on google)
nuria-dosrios Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I've tried to seek but not find it. I just leave the originals, I do not know how to find gakuen models on the website of "brow roll".
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