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NiKO Kajetano - Panda Hero by Pianodream NiKO Kajetano - Panda Hero by Pianodream
More Photoshop!

This time I colorised a drawing on a song I like REALLY TOO MUCH: Panda Hero.

NiKO (and NiKORU) Kajetano have got a WIP YANDERE Append which sounds so cool I asked one of my friends to mix it and, gosh, the result was amazing.

So, I picked up this old drawing I did in May, scanned it, and heave ho! There you go with the first illustration of my next UTAU PV.

I'll probably draw and colorise NiKORU as well, once I get my finals done.

So, some explanations maybe? XD

_NiKORU has a K-01 tatooed on her left hand and a music note under the left eye. NiKO being his genderbent/older brother has got the same features, except the K-01 and the note are on his left ribs.

_Every Panda Hero has this sign on the arm I guess, as well as the panda make up under the eyes.

_His eyes are fucked-up, but that's because in the song, the Panda Hero is a junkie! So yeah, we got here a junkie NiKO who probably gulped a bit too many opium seeds. In the lineart he really seemed crazy.

_He's got a piercing on the tongue, I'm not sure this was in the original as well, but oh fuck it, he's sexy, sticking out this tongue like that.

_I was unsure of the skin color so I made it grey-ish, I think it's like that in the original.

_Originally, there was a baseball bat leaning on his right shoulder, but the scan erased it and I can't draw directly on the computer. .___.

HIS HAIR COLOR IS SO WRONG. :iconohgodwhyplz:
It's because I can't get any cool light brown!!

Once the cover is uploaded, I'll link to it!

And since the Kajetano siblings are Filipino, I should start recording their tagalog CV VC VB soon.
Yeah... soon...
VaatiBurnside Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
D'aww , he's pretty cool and cute ! >w<
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June 13, 2012
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