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Short news but:
_ the uploading site where Neo and I had stacked our reuploaded english version is dead. Meaning the file's down.

_ Both of us have been  out of HetaOni since 2 damn years, hence we pretty much deleted everythig we had about it including this file.

TL;DR: My version has been taken down for good and NO I can't fix it so please quit asking about it. Other people in the fandom with similar english playable projects can be found all over dA and tumblr.

Second thing: Rumors have been going around that /I/ would've made an ENDING to HetaOni and would release it if the fandom behaved. That is NOT TRUE.

Please read more explanations (and true informations) on my friend Skitzen's journal:  HetaOni Complete Full Game Info!!!-
Alright everyone. I've heard a lot of rumors going around that there IS an ending to the real HetaOni.  And/or Pianodream has it. I am here to tell everyone what is really going on, and clear up everything that's getting the poor fans excited for nothing..
1- There is NO real ending to Hetaoni.
2- :iconPianodream: is /NOT/ the original creator everyone! She merely made a playable English version for the fans to enjoy and play themselves. And did a very great job at making it.
3- Piano will not, and does not have a 'full game' made. She has made the game to the exact point where the original has ended. Nothing more. Please stop pestering her about this. There is nothing she is keeping from everyone. Let her be.
4-And for the few people who think :iconskitzen: (me) was the creator of the original.. No, sadly I am not. I have only made :iconHetaOni-LC: Which is pretty much a fangame of the original. It will, have endings. But it is not to be assumed a

I have stated multiple times that the ORIGINAL CREATOR of HetaOni was a JAPANESE PERSON named TOMOYOSHI.


HetaOni has not been updated since March 2010 by its original creator and I believe it's time for its fandom to accept that it's /NOT/ coming back. Because Tomoyoshi has moved on since a LONG time and you should maybe consider doing the same.

I've been out of this fandom since 2012, I don't wish to come back, and my activities have been solely about art/UTAU/else ever since. Do not expect me to take any more part in this gigantic drama.

------------------- In other news:

This account is becoming clogged up with old art and harassment about HetaOni, hence I'll be moving out to a new deviantArt account anytime now.

I won't display links to my newer account on a public board because I wish to use it for things that are not HetaOni/Hetalia related.
I'll mail the new account's links to my friends and whoever follows my current activity as an artist will probably be able to find it on my tumblr information.

I WILL STILL USE THIS ACCOUNT to post journals, also probably material and information about Dreamtalia matters, however I won't be updating it anymore.

Please note that most my art things are now posted unto my tumblr (which is solely UTAU/art-related, with bits and pieces of Dreamtalia): in the tag "piano draws"

If you want the link to the new account, please leave a comment or a note to me, I cant keep track of ALL my followers!!
Also bear in mind that if you're obviously associated with MMD, Hetaoni, askblogs, in sum, stuff that I don't wish to dwell in anymore, there's a fair chance I'll refrain from sending you a link, for the reasons stated above.

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(copied from tumblr)

My graphic tablet seems to have broken for good this time. When plugged on, the blue LED won’t light up anymore, I think the cable’s fried, and the pen pressure had become wacky these past weeks (hence the lack of posting any art on the internet recently)

It was my first tablet, the one I’ve been drawing on since Sept 2012, and given how worn out it was I’m surprised it didn’t die any sooner.

I can no longer draw digitally or colorize scanned/already drawn things for now, and I can not afford a new tablet for the time being, and I’m unsure my parents will agree to help me out on this.

This is the start of a hiatus that I do not know how long will last. (most probably something from 2 weeks to 2 months) So long for trying to stay active in both UTAU and Dreamtalia fandoms…

- Adagio Fantasque

PS: I don't like posting scanned drawings a lot on dA, too messy, but I might still still submit stuff on my tumblr.

  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Listening to: Kyrie Eleison (UTAchoir cover)
  • Reading: [ESC] webcomic by SteelEmissary (hgggn)
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV
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Hi guys, Piano here, as you may or may not know yet, I've recently been accepted in the LISAA (Applied College of Arts, a national-level postgraduate academy in Paris") and I have a furious need to practice new stuff, hence I opened a commission board! (that, and I need fuckton of new traditional art supplies I've eaten them all in a month haha)
(Not a lot of slots/too pricey because this is the first time I do this, please be gentle with me")

edit: added in the "linework" option for the coloring commissions (aka commissioning me to line one of your sketches)


To contact me, you may send me a note on DeviantArt (, or an ask (non anon please!) on tumblr!
When making a commission request, please provide as many details and references as possible so I can be more accurate! ^^
You can also be specific about the deliver: post wips or present you the finished piece only.
Please notify me of any deadlines if there's a need for one!

I can draw humanoids (male/female/other...), chibi or normal, OCs or existing characters (no specific limit about which fandom), greyscale, watercolor-like loose colors or cell shaded... in about any type of situation/ambience EXCEPT full-blown gore/porn.
I accept bloody scenes, romance (including yaoi, yuri, threesome etc), and nudity (within the limits of good taste). I can also design you a prop or outfit based on something of your choice.

While anthropomorphic characters are fine (ie with horns, wings, half-animal bodies like fawns etc), full-blown furries and animals may be a bit difficult.
Environments are not my greatest strength either.

I am European however I scaled my prizes in USD.

As for the payment rules: I use Paypal. You can pay me half the price for the commission to be secured (when I start on it), then the rest of the payment will be made when the commission is completed (i'll send in a snippet to notify you). If for any reason you do not want to see the commission uploaded to the internet, please notify me!
I broke down the prices in two general columns, by size and by level of "polishing" (see below). The first part of the price is determined by the cropping, and the second part by the level of polishing. I usually work on pretty large canvases (1500*1000 and larger) but feel free to specify a resolution/pic size.

Bustshot/Headshot: 2$
Waist-up: 5$
Fullbody: 7$

Sketch: 3$
Linework: 5$
Shaded greyscale: 6$
Loose colors/flat colors: 7$
Cell-shaded: 9$
Soft-shaded: 12$
Outlined Digital Painting: 16$


About Additional Characters:

+2$ if it's a sketch
+3$ if it's a linework
+5$ if it's loosecolors/flatcolors
+7$ if it's cellshaded
+9$ if it's softshaded
+12$ if it's an outlined digital painting

About Backgrounds:

By default, my images have a transparent BG. I don't charge for flat colors or simple patterns, however any type of detailed environment will be an additional cost of 6$
About GIFS: I can make simple gif animations like eye-blinking/facial expressions, or color shifting/detail shifting (see below), they're an additional cost of 5.50$

I also take COLORING/LINEWORK commissions (aka the commissioner provides a drawing they want to see colored, or a sketch they want to see inked)

Linework: 3$
Loose colors/flatcolors: 4$
Cellshaded: 6$
Soft-shaded: 7.50$
Digital outlined painting: 10.50$

The additional characters, backgrounds and GIFs prize scales apply as well to coloring commissions.













Thank you for your attention!
- Piano/ Adagio Fantasque

My dA gallery:
The Art tag on my tumblr:…

A few exemples:

A Watercolor

A Bustshot Linework

An Outlined Digital Painting

Outlined Digital Painting number 2

A shaded greyscale

A fullbody romance sketch (caution, R-15)

A greyscale gif and a colored gif

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  • Listening to: Daft Punk - Pentatonix mix
  • Reading: [ESC] webcomic by Steel (hgggn)
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As you know, I currently don't take commissions (only requests from time to time...) for art, but I've been thinking about opening some.

Friends have been encouraging me to do it, and to be honest not only would gathering small amounts of money from my art be most welcome, but I also do need the practice and am striving for improvement by all means. I think I specialize more in characters, ranging from headshots to full bodies and from pencil sketch to outlined digital painting, but I'd like to also improve my machineries and environments/perspectives.

However I am personally unsure of how this would go, since I have no clear way of judging the worth of my artworks... and I'm more than often frustrated with how it looks. "" Not even mentioning I have no idea how to price commissions... :iconidkplz:

What do you think? Would this be a good idea? :iconrollingplz:

> drawings by me on tumblr:…
and on twitter are some sketches and artworks too>…
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Daft Punk - Pentatonix mix
  • Reading: Art History book
  • Watching: my screen
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV
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Pianodream's Profile Picture
Adagio Fantasque
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm a free-lance student, freshly exited a major of Economics/Foreign Languages in university.

Currently studying to attend entrance exams for several video game graduate schools in my country and perhaps start over as a student in the Game Art branch.

Currently scheduled for entrance in the Superior Applied College of Arts (Paris), this may be up to change if I successfully pass other schools' entrance examination.

Not old enough to drink, still all my teeth.
Gender depends on mood.

Mainly likes video games (especially the Final Fantasy series), music (varied tastes, mainly electro/techno and orchestral/rock), art (gotta improve!), anime/manga, VOCALOID/UTAU...
Confirmed choir singer and soloist gran soprano. General range is E3/B5.
Plays the piano as a hobby.

Voicer of Ciel Sekaine, Marie Kagekine, NiKORU and NiKO Kajetano.

Skype: not unless we have business to discuss or know each other a bit.
Twitter: @misspianodream

My commission info is at:

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Pianodream has started a donation pool!
649 / 1,000
Liked my art? Want to grant me a little reward but not knowing what to do?
Donate a few points if you wish to. I settled the goal to 1000 but I'm really not in a hurry, should it never be filled, I will still continue to do art. ^^

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um hi where do i down load the hetaoni game?
KatanaHiroshi Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The file got down from MEGA. Sorry 'bout it since they don't have the file anymore. Meaning that they stopped working on it.
stormpirncess16 Apr 1, 2014  Student Artist
plz look and pass it on.…
Pourrais-je vous déranger avec une question sur UTAU?
Pianodream Apr 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Je vous en prie! (pourquoi le vouvoiement?)
En fait, récemment, j'ai essayé de faire un UTAU francophone et j'aimerais bien recevoir des critiques sur lui. Est-ce que je pourrais te montrer des tentatives pas super super à l'utiliser? (Désolé, mauvaise habitude...^^;)
Pianodream Apr 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oui, vas y?
(1 Reply)
HinataHanato Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello we've been having some problems with the game. The first one is when I go to the annexe for the second time.I can't walk,the speed is not the same. The second one is when I meet Holy Roman Empire, because the game crash,and I can't go on. What can I do?
stormpirncess16 Mar 13, 2014  Student Artist
plz pass this on and read it.…
kirstenes Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Excuse me, sorry to bother, but for HetaOni, I have it downloaded and when I start it gives me a code and all. But I can't get back to the Terms and Conditions and I can't enter a code? It never gives me a code either, I'm not really sure how to make this work. Could you help?
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